The ordered products will be shipped by Sagawa Express for domestic shipments and by DHL for overseas shipments.

Delivery date
<scheduled delivery date>
Depending on the delivery area, it will be delivered from 1.5 months after ordering.
We will contact you separately if it takes time to prepare.
*It may take some time depending on traffic conditions, weather, and region. Please note.

<Overseas shipping>
We do not accept requests for delivery dates or delivery times for overseas deliveries.
Also, please note that there are some countries/regions that cannot be shipped.

About shipping fee
<Delivery fee in Japan>
Offer you free shipping.

<Overseas shipping fee>
A shipping fee of 2,000 yen will be charged regardless of the product amount.

Product delivery status
The "tracking number" is included in the "shipment notification" email sent after the product is shipped.
You can check the delivery status with the Sagawa Express or DHL tracking service.

◆Sagawa Express Baggage Inquiry Service

◆ DHL Tracking

About the purchase statement
After the product is shipped, we will send you an "INVOICE" including the price description by e-mail.
Please keep it in a safe place as it serves as proof of the seller and date of purchase.