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A bracelet that shines with your feelings for letters and becomes a part of your wrist
-Rope chain orders are temporarily suspended-

The "love is you." bracelet, inspired by plate necklaces, is a plate-shaped bracelet that displays a single letter that is important to you on your wrist. By setting a diamond in the letter, the feelings you have put into the letter will shine for a long time. The 1.2mm thickness is designed to be as thin as possible while still ensuring strength and considering the height of the diamonds, so the plate fits snugly around the wrist and is designed not to get in the way even when using the arm in daily life. The plate is specially processed by skilled craftsmen to burnish and polish it, giving it a soft texture unique to love is you. and making it instantly familiar to the skin. The star design is the brand's signature motif.

Production period: 1.5 months or more from order to delivery
*The delivery date may vary.

Size: Total length 15-21cm, can be ordered in 1cm increments
* If you want to wear it just the right size, we recommend adding 1cm to the length of your wrist measured with a tape measure. If you would like a looser fit, please consider this.

material K10YG (yellow gold) , 0.06ct diamond
size Plate (excluding jump ring): diameter 1.5cm
Total length: approx. 15cm - 21cm
country of origin Japan